Prophet Bill Daniel is the founder and senior Pastor of Bible Revival Ministries Center.  Through his anointed ministry, thousands have been healed, delivered and set free.  Prophet Daniel operates in the gifts of the Spirit and through God’s anointing miracles are brought to those who seek Him.

Bible Revival Ministries Center started in a small store front building on Bodenhamer Street in Kernersville, NC with a congregation of twenty people.  Today Bible Revival Ministries Center is located at 1475 N. Main St. Kernersville, NC.  


 The ministry has emerged and now is know for one of the most diversified churches in the area.  In a vision, God showed to Brother Daniel, prison bars and through those prison bars were hands reaching out.  He also showed to him a key.  This key was the key that would unlock those doors and set men free.   Bible Revival Ministries is the key that God has placed in his hands.. Through the means of television and out reach ministries, we are seeing this vision approaching reality every day. 

Under God’s anointing,  Prophet Daniel brings the message of healing, deliverance, and salvation through means of television and revival crusades.  Many lives are changed through these avenues of deliverance.



An outreach ministry began broadcasting  by the means of radio proclaiming healing, deliverance, and salvation across the country as far as Wyoming, Iowa, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia as well as North & South Carolina  After years of broadcasting over radio, a station manager called Pastor Daniel and said that in order to keep his broadcast over the airwaves he was going to have to tone down his ministry and not be so controversial. It was too hard to compromise with the station and discontinue proclaiming God's deliverance power.  Prophet Daniel stood fast and God blessed his ministry. In 1997 Bible Revival Hour made the switch from radio to television and Bible Revival Hour was launched through the local cable access channels.  Bible Revival Hour is on 5 days a week in the local television market - Winston Salem, Greensboro & High Point, NC and throughout the central North Carolina and South Carolina viewing area.   Bible Revival Hour is produced at the local studios located at 1475 N Main St., in Kernersville.

Bible Revival Ministries Center
1475 N. Main St.
Kernersville, NC  27284

phone: 336-996-8904



Bible Revival Ministries supports missionaries throughout India, Africa, South America, and the United States.


Hispanic Ministries

Pastor Santiago Cruz is senior Pastor of the El Cristo Reyna - the Hispanic church located at 1475 N Main St.  This congregation meets Sunday @ 2:30 pm & Thursday & Saturday @ 7:pm.


Revival Center

Bible Revival is not just a church, but is a ministry center hosting revivals with internationally known Prophets and Prophetess and guest speakers.  These revival services are held at the Revival Center and the Event Center (for larger congregations) @ 1475 N Main St in Kernersville, NC.  Bible Revival Ministries Center is a Revival Center that promotes th healing of the whole man.


Share the Joy project is an outreach ministries of Bible Revival Ministries and was birth from a life changing event when Prophet Daniel was just a child. Share the Joy provides assistants for people who have been identified by the local schools in need.  Share the Joy Project distributes Christmas toys, clothes, and a food box for a Christmas dinner to the identified families. Through this vision, thousands have been served over the years.  This outreach demonstrates w the love of Christ to people we have never met. Surely this is a fulfillment of God’s Living Word. 


Revival & Tent Crusade:

Through the dynamic anointing of God, the Spiritual gifts are in operation at the Ministries Center as well as in the crusades across the country. 

Prophet Daniel ministers throughout the South under the Gospel Tent for more than 25 years—going into the highway & hedges of the world compelling the lost and bound.  His ministry is a powerful Spirit led ministry that strives in the edification of the Church.  Through God’s power and anointing his prophetic messages has caused life changing encounters to take place.  Through his anointed ministry, thousands have been healed, delivered and set free. Prophet Daniel operates in the gifts of the Spirit, bringing miracles to those who need deliverance.  

 Prophet Daniel has seen God move his ministry to greater heights. but he stands fast on this promise... “God is not through blessing the ministry yet, nor is he through taking the ministry to an ever greater height”.